An Introduction to Kidney Cyst

Fluid-filled sacs called cysts are not malignant. They may appear anywhere on the body and aren't necessarily dangerous. A kidney cyst, however, might be quite harmful. The best urologist doctor in Jaipur may diagnose you with polycystic kidney disease if you show any of the signs of kidney cysts, but a urologist may help you figure out how to lower your risk of problems.

As humans age, they are more likely to develop kidney cysts. Many cysts never grow large enough to be problematic, and some people may even have one or two without realizing it. However, some urologists hypothesize that the weakened surface of the kidneys in old age is to be blamed for the increased risk of kidney cysts in the elderly. However, the Urologist in Jaipur says that Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) is a genetic syndrome that causes kidney cysts in some individuals. The likelihood of developing serious problems, such as renal failure, varies from patient to patient with this condition.

Indicators and Symptoms

The kidney specialist doctor in Jaipur explains that symptoms of polycystic kidney disease often manifest themselves between the ages of 30 and 40. In the absence of polycystic kidney disease, cysts are seldom identified in individuals under the age of 50. These signs and symptoms may be caused by a kidney cyst:

● Prolonged need to go to the bathroom to urinate

● Abdominal pain or backache

Symptoms :

● The ache in the area of the side where the hip meets the ribs

● Fever

● Ink-colored pee

● Urine with a bloody colour

Those who suffer from PKD may also experience the following signs and problems:

● Headaches brought on by dangerously high blood pressure

● The ache in the chest

● A palpitating heart

● Recurrent UTIs and kidney infections

● Causes bloated stomach

● Satiety (a fullness sensation in the stomach)

● Stones in the kidney

● A disease of the kidneys

Treatment Options

Kidney cysts may not need treatment if they are minor and not caused by any underlying illness. In such cases, the best urologist doctor in Jaipur advises having the cyst surgically removed. Depending on the severity of your PKD and any associated consequences, your treatment options may vary. Medication for hypertension, antibiotics for urinary tract infections, and dialysis for kidney failure are all possibilities.

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