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Emergency Services

At Chirayu Hospital, the Emergency Department offers quality care facilities to patients who suffer from any sudden injury or illness without any prior symptoms. Thus, those patients who require urgent and immediate treatment facilities due to being affected by any major illness and traumatic injury are referred to the Emergency department of the hospital. In addition to this, to offer comprehensive care to the patients admitted in such emergency conditions, we have a dedicated staff of healthcare professionals such as General Physicians, trained and skilled nursing staff who undertake all possible steps and procedures for providing the needed care as quickly as possible.

We admit the patients in the emergency room till the time their condition is stable and thereafter they are referred to the specific department. After referring to the particular department, the patients are treated under the supervision of our experienced specialists who initiates the treatment after examining the existing situation of the patient. Thus, we make an effort to provide the best treatment possible for quick relief to the patients.

Emergency Surgeries

The surgeons at Chirayu Hospital are highly trained in performing complex surgical procedures so that the highest quality of care can be delivered to the patients who are looking for emergency surgeries. The emergency surgeries can be identified as any medical emergency that requires the patient to undergo immediate surgical procedures as the situation can be life-threatening and can cause any major damage to the patient’s body. Some of the emergencies that result in surgery involve adverse abdominal conditions like appendicitis, gallbladder infection or the cholecystitis, blockage of the bowel and perforated ulcer.

The core objective behind undertaking emergency surgery is to effectively deal with the life-threatening emergency conditions. Moreover, our patient management team adopts a comprehensive approach in which necessary steps are taken for stabilizing the condition of the patient and also prepare for the pre-operative and post-operative care of the patient. Moreover, complete physical assessment of the patient is made through diagnostic procedures such as a CT Scan, MRI and X-Ray.

Critical Care Ambulance Services

At Chirayu Hospital, we provide critical care ambulance services to patients who are critically ill and the condition does not allow the patients to travel by normal means. The important components in the ambulance services that ensure better care to the patient include IV fluids, oxygen cylinders, proper medical monitoring along with ventilator. The complete system acts as a mini life support system and the patient can be successfully transported to the hospital. Our ambulance services are highly effective in case of sudden trauma injury, any major medical emergency and therapeutic crisis that can cause potential risk to the patient’s life.

Furthermore, depending on the severity of the patient's condition and the illness suffered, we can arrange for the physicians, specialty doctors as well as the paramedical staff that can offer complete care to the patient in the ambulance. Our critical care ambulance services also utilize the latest technology and machines so that we can provide the best of care to the patients in the emergency.