Intensive Ventilators

At Chirayu Hospital, we have the latest machinery and advanced equipment such as intensive care ventilators that are used for providing high-quality ventilation support to the patients who have suffered any serious major trauma or accidental injury. The injuries along with certain kinds of diseases result in severe conditions that cause breathing problems due to inadequate ventilation. The ventilators are used in multiple conditions that range from critical to unstable conditions of the patients. Patients of different age groups like neonates, children, adults, and elder people receive immense benefits from the ventilators, especially during the postoperative period.

Apart from this, the use of intensive ventilators offers benefits to patients in terms of reduced risk of acquiring pneumonia as the proper ventilation helps in infection control. We also have technical staff like expert technicians who are skilled at operating these machines which leads to the minimization of risks associated with machine failures and operating errors. Thus, the clinical staff ensures the overall better functioning of the machine.