One of the major diagnostic procedures, the sonography investigations are highly useful for evaluating and analyzing the size, shape, and structure of the different internal organs. Ultrasound imaging is primarily used for gaining an insight into the abdominal organs such as liver, gall-bladder, uterus, pancreas, prostate, kidney, spleen and the urinary bladder. Our gynecologists and gastroenterologists with the help of sonography results can detect several diseases and conditions such as gallstones, liver disorders, kidney stones, ovarian cysts, appendicitis, fibroid, uterine growth, and ectopic pregnancies. Furthermore, the sonography procedure is non-invasive, safe and affordable.

Our gynecologists recommend sonography to the females who are detected with a high-risk pregnancy. The complete fetal examination with the help of sonography provides the entire image of the unborn baby including the organs such as heart, spine, head, kidney, stomach and therefore, the results can showcase the existence of any major abnormality in the fetus. Further, apart from pregnancy, the ultrasound investigation is also used for examining multiple types of gynecological conditions in females.