As the leading super specialty hospital in Jaipur, we strive to deliver the best quality care services to patients for a range of health conditions.

Treatment Facilities

Our affordable and effective world-class treatment facilities enable us to provide the right care to patients in a patient-friendly environment.

Patient Experience

We use the latest technology and advanced treatment techniques for enhancing the patient experience and achieving the best health care outcomes.

Coordinated Care

All the departments of the hospital are well coordinated to provide the optimum care to patients with a carefully monitored approach.

Trained Professionals

Our health care professionals including doctors and nursing staff are well trained to address the health care requirements of the patients.

Chirayu Hospital Jaipur

Meet Our Doctors

Our team of dedicated health care specialists aims to provide quality care and treatment facilities to patients with a wide range of health problems.

Benefits of Online Medical Consultation

Access to Specialists

Patients can consult specialists by selecting a particular department and can benefit from the expertise of specialists without making much effort.


Patients can book an appointment by choosing a particular time slot and date. This helps the patients to avoid long queues and waiting time.

More Convenient

Virtual medical care allows the patients to consult the doctors anytime as per their convenience. Doctors are available 24/7 and patients can easily connect.


Online consultation is cost-effective and it provides the patients an opportunity to consult the best doctors without incurring any additional costs.

Medical Advice

Patients who are confused or want to get a second opinion about the treatment can consult online with a few more doctors just to be on the safer side.

Detail Discussion

As doctors are available 24/7, they can provide adequate time to patients and patients can discuss their problem/ ailment in detail for better understanding.

Our Health Packages

Patients can choose from a variety of Health Packages provided by us to keep themselves updated about their current health status.

Our Features

Telemedicine and Online Consultation Facilities

Avoid all hassles of visiting hospitals and avail consultation from top doctors right at your home.

One to One Interaction

Video Consultation

The feature allows the patients to choose the preferred department and the doctor for a face-to-face consultation for a better understanding of the problem.

Easy Download


Patients can easily download the e-prescriptions as shared by our doctors safely at home and can avoid the need to actually visit the hospital.

Accurate and Fast

Digital Lab Reports

The lab reports for various medical examinations can be downloaded online in no time and can be easily uploaded at the time of the next consultation.




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