IPD Services

The IPD or Inpatient services at Chirayu Hospital provides comprehensive care to the patients who are suffering from any major disease that results in the severe condition of the patient. Our doctors recommend such patients to be admitted to the hospital as the primary step so that they can have close monitoring of the disease, the procedure, and treatment adopted as well as the complete recovery of the patient. In addition to this, our inpatient facilities include semi-deluxe, deluxe, super deluxe rooms along with a highly trained nursing staff that visits the patient regularly for conducting the routine physical examination.
Moreover, our doctors visit patients who are admitted to the hospital on an everyday basis and explain the patient’s condition to the relatives. Thus, we have a clear and transparent system where the patient’s relatives are made clear about the existing condition of the patient and the potential chances of the recovery of the patient. The interaction between the patient, doctor, and relatives helps in boosting the confidence of the patient and the relatives regarding the recovery and timely discharge from the hospital.