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Laparoscopic Surgeon Doctor In Jaipur Rajasthan

At Chirayu Hospital, we have a team of expert laparoscopic surgeons who perform laparoscopic surgery with a high level of precision and accuracy. One of the most advanced surgical procedures, our surgeons recommend laparoscopic surgery to diagnose and examine the organs inside the abdomen. This kind of surgery has multiple benefits in comparison to traditional open surgery such as minimally invasive, less pain, small incisions, reduced hospital stay and the most important is the shorter recovery period. Depending on the condition of the patient and the risk involved, we adopt the most suitable approach. Moreover, the major organs examined through laparoscopic diagnostic procedures include the appendix, pancreas, pelvic and reproductive organs, liver, gallbladder, small and large intestine and the spleen.

Major laparoscopic surgery undertaken by our laparoscopic surgeon are:

  • Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy (Surgical procedure to remove the gallbladder)
  • Laparoscopic Splenectomy (Surgical removal of the spleen)
  • Laparotomy (Surgical incisions made in the abdominal cavity for diagnosis of the abdominal cavity)
  • Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy (Surgical procedure for removal of Cervix and uterus in females)
  • Laparoscopic Appendectomy (Minimal invasive surgery for removal of appendix by making multiple small incisions)
  • Bariatric Surgery (Surgery is undertaken for weight reduction by restricting the amount of food intake)

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Laparoscopic Surgery Doctor In Jaipur Rajasthan

Dr Saurabh Agarwal