Why Chirayu Hospital

  • Permanent physicians and hospitalists available 24/7 to manage your care.
  • Permanent hospital physicians who can coordinate with your primary care physician.
  • Quality of care that’s always carefully evaluated and monitored.
  • Level of comfort and services that are physician-reviewed and approved.
  • Transitioning your care to home or a skilled nursing facility, including helping you manage prescriptions, physical therapy, and other needs.
  • Coordinated care and a better patient experience.
  • A strong family of care and compassion

Our Mission

To deliver the highest standard of medical care to our patients with a human touch, and provide top-notch education to our medical personnel by combining the best in the field nationally and internationally.

Our Vision

To be recognized as a top-quality affordable healthcare provider in the state capital region of Jaipur, its suburbs and neighboring states in northern India. Chirayu Hospital also endeavors to be a national leader in the fields of cardiovascular and critical care medicine by closely working with international leaders in respective fields.