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The ENT Department is dedicated to provide comprehensive care for patients of all ages experiencing conditions related to the ear, nose, throat, head, and neck. Our team of highly skilled ENT specialists utilizes the latest medical advancements and

technologies to diagnose and treat a wide range of ENT disorders. Furthermore, with state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and surgical facilities we are committed to patient-centered care with personalized treatment plans tailored to each patient's unique needs.

Services Offered

  • Ear Care: Treatment for hearing loss, ear infections, tinnitus, balance disorders, and ear surgeries.
  • Nose Care: Management of sinusitis, nasal polyps, allergies, and reconstructive surgeries.
  • Throat Care: Treatment for tonsillitis, voice disorders, swallowing difficulties, and throat cancers.
  • Head and Neck: Management of thyroid and parathyroid conditions, salivary gland disorders, head, neck cancers.

Our ENT Specialist

nephrology doctor in jaipur

Dr. B. K. Chhabra

Dr. B.K. Chhabra An ENT specialist is a trained medical professional who diagnoses and treats diseases related to ear, nose and throat in men, women and children. Hearing loss, ear infection, dizziness, sinusitis, tinnitus, tonsillitis, swallowing disorders, hay fever, seasonal rhinitis, cleft palate, cleft lip, deviated septum, drooping eyelids, loss of smell, sleep disorders and speech disorders are some of the medical conditions that an ENT specialist provides treatment for.