Blood Bank

The blood bank facilities at Chirayu Hospital ensure easy access to safe and the best quality of blood and its components to all patients in a timely manner. The round the clock availability and the adequate supply of blood and its components cater to all kinds of emergency conditions. The licensed blood bank uses state-of-the-art technology and equipment to maintain the freshness and quality of blood.

Further, the blood bank is fully equipped for proper storage, preparation, and regular supply of blood during surgeries and emergency accident cases. We take utmost care and precautions while collecting blood and the donors who meet the selection criteria are only chosen for blood donation. We also use the latest and most advanced technology for blood collection and at the same time ensure complete safety against any disease that arises through the blood transfusion process or infec

Our services include:

  • General pathology
  • Accurate cross matching and blood grouping
  • Whole human blood
  • Fresh frozen plasma
  • Platelet concentrates
  • Packed Red Blood Cells
  • Sophisticated machines