Impact of Marijuana on the fertility of Men

The use of Marijuana has risen in the youth and other age groups as well at an alarming rate. The potential harm of marijuana on male fertility has been researched a lot in the past as well. There is now a body of research to back up the conclusion, and studies indicate that the effect is likely the result of a combination of factors. Urology specialist in Jaipur sheds light on the fact that tobacco usage has been linked to the following:

·       The number of sperm in the testes has dropped

·       Decreased sperm count

·       Alterations to the structure and behavior of sperm

·       Fluctuations in Hormone Levels

·       Declines in libido and sexual performance

·       Decreased sperm count

It's unfortunate that many of these results might persist for weeks or even months after a person stops using marijuana.

Studies have established for a long time that sperm include cannabinoid receptors, which means that cannabis has the capacity to impair sperm function. According to Dr. Ankit Kayal, a urologist specialist in Jaipur the concentration and number of sperm in males who use marijuana have also been proven to decrease in scientific investigations. Men who use marijuana more than once a week have a 30% drop in sperm count and concentration, and this decline persists for up to six weeks after they quit.

Marijuana alters reproductive hormones including luteinizing hormone levels, which may have a knock-on effect on sperm quality, quantity, and viability (LH). To a large extent due to its effect on testosterone levels, this hormone is crucial to reproductive success. When analyzing testosterone levels in males, recent usage has a greater negative effect than the frequency of use, according to research.

Testicular atrophy, a disease in which the testes shrink in size and may potentially lead to the loss of function, is another result of continuous and regular cannabis usage, especially among males. Urologist specialist doctor in Jaipur says that this happens when the seminiferous tubules are injured directly (the tubes where the sperm is produced). Even though this is usually reversible, it should be taken into account when assessing a man's fertility if he has a lengthy history of heavy marijuana usage.

And finally, there's mounting evidence that erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common problem among male marijuana users. In spite of its historical reputation as an aphrodisiac, recent studies have shown that it actually hinders a person's sexual performance. According to a survey of males who have reported having ED, 78% were regular cannabis users, compared to 3% who weren't. Cannabis may cause ED by damaging endothelial cells, which line the inside of blood arteries and play a role in maintaining an erection.

It's vital to be aware of the potential effects of marijuana usage on fertility if you want to have a baby soon. Dr. Ankit Kayal, the urology specialist in Jaipur is where you should go if you want to consult with a doctor or be tested. Those specializing in fertility in your area are on our team, and we're ready to assist.