Why is seeking advice from a Urologist is important for kidney Stones?

Mineral buildup in the kidneys may lead to the formation of kidney stones. These stones range in size from being totally painless to excruciatingly painful to the lower back. A Urologist in Jaipur should be consulted if any symptoms appear.

However, how precisely do urologists have the tools to assist you in treating and managing kidney stones?

Urologists are medical specialists who focus on issues related to the urinary tract. Male reproductive health is another area of expertise for urologists. Female urology and urologic oncology are two more areas in which urologists might choose to specialize. Kidney stones, cancer of the urinary system, and urinary tract infections are only a few of the conditions they address. When you have kidney stones, you need to see the best urology doctor in Jaipur.

Your Urologist in Jaipur will advise you on how to prevent kidney stones from forming again. Studies suggest that over 50% of people with kidney stones suffer the same illness after seven years, making prevention very important. If your kidney stones are tiny enough, they may be treated without surgery.

Your urologist may recommend that you limit foods high in oxalates, such as nuts, chocolate, and soy products if you suffer from calcium stones. Your doctor may recommend increasing your water intake to dilute your urine and alleviate cystine stones.

Your urologist could suggest dietary adjustments and/or medication. The purpose of these drugs is not limited to pain relief; they also serve to stop infections and stop the kidneys from forming stones. Antibiotics may be used to reduce the risk of infection in the urinary tract in those who have struvite stones.

If you have cystine stones, you should take medication to make more of the salt in your urine dissolve. And if you've been diagnosed with calcium or uric acid stones, the best urologist in Jaipur may prescribe you medication to manage your calcium and acid levels.

It's also a good idea to talk to your urologist about any dietary supplements or other drugs you use.

Kidney stones that are too big to pass through the ureter may need more complex procedures to remove. The optimum course of action will be suggested by your urologist.

The prevalence of kidney stones may be reduced by a variety of strategies due to the wide variety of both causes and kinds. Urologists are medical doctors who specialize in identifying and treating problems related to the urinary tract. They will be able to manage your symptoms and assist you to avoid getting kidney stones again thanks to their knowledge and experience. Dr. Ankit Kayal is the best urologist doctor in Jaipur who is experienced and skilled in treating every urology-related problem with precision and care.